You pick the movie tonight, no you, no you!

One of the major issues in my relationship is decision-making. It comes to a point where sometimes it is just exhausting trying to decide on anything…even what movie to watch. I know it sounds silly but sometimes just knowing that I might have to pick a movie stresses me out a little bit. It doesn’t cause problems but it is difficult. So, how do you and your partner make decisions? Is it difficult to do sometimes? How do you make a decision and move on? What happens if you decide something that your girl doesn’t agree with? How do you get over that decision-making hump?

I am still not completely sure how to work around the stress of making a decision, so I would like to hear your thoughts. Tell me what makes it easier to just dive in and make that major decision? Who should make the bigger decisions? My girl and myself, we are able to talk and communicate when it comes to bigger issues but when it comes to little things: what to eat, where to go out, or what movie to watch, it becomes a conversation of, you pick, no you pick, no you pick or I’m good with whatever you want, no I am, no I am!

Sometimes things like that come to a dead-end, so what should happen next? Can you use the guessing game to choose? What about if you said something like, “I’m thinking of a number…” and then make a decision if she is closest to your number? Yikes, it is even stressful for me to write about. I guess I better get on picking out the movie for tonight…

Mz. Pink

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