Where did your panties go? The striptease is not dead yet!

I know I write a lot about keeping love lives alive, and doing whatever it takes to keep things spicy in the bedroom, but again I believe it is very important to do that. It shows your partner that you are taking that extra step to keep that spark alive. It shows that you care about what you do with your partner and that you put thought into how your relationship will be. It shows how sincere and how into the relationship you are. Trust me, suggestions and communication about these things will show how great you are.

To my point, offering up a striptease is an awesome way to work your way into a steamy love-making session. It is sensual, personal, and fun. Not only will it offer excercise which makes you feel sexy, but it definitely gives that four-play aspect that will get you both hot and bothered. What is more sexy than bumping and grinding to your favorite song and knowing what is to come next? There are so many varieties of dance and stripping that can be done. Costumes, songs, settings ETC. can all be considered  when performing for your partner.

Another great thing about dancing for your partner is that femmes and studs can do it, dancing is not just something for the more feminine party, stripping is liked by all. Not only will this activity make you feel sexy it will show your sexiness. It will take you back to clothes-humping, as funny as that sounds, we know how great that was, when you were too scared to go all the way, and just humping was enough to set you off. Dancing is kind of like that.

Do it slow or fast, to any song, with anything on, and you have yourself a wonderful gateway to hot love-making. Stripping is a pleaser, it works and you and your girl will both be pleased and that is what it’s all about.

Mz. Pink

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