What’s in a tattoo’d name?

Would you ever get a girlfriend’s name tattooed on your body? Why? Do you believe that it jinxes the relationship after you brand yourself?

I know a tattoo artist who refuses to put lover’s names on a person’s body, but why, if you want it get it, and you should have that choice, right? Tattoo’s are so mainstream right now that even getting a name tattooed on you is norm. However, even if the tattoo is justified, if the relationship ends it could cause major issues in the next relationship you have. The tattoo could cause jealousy, fights, and endless bitching and complaining about the tattoo or the name. It could be surprising just how much discomfort a little tattoo could cause. I believe thought should go into getting a name tattoo on your body. Ultimately, it is your decision to do what you want with your body, and art is art, but think about the consequences and how it will affect your future.

I’m not saying it is wrong to get a name tattooed on you but just be aware of how it may shape your future relationships. Do it tastefully, and be as discreet at possible, but that should be with any body art you decide to get.

Mz. Pink

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