Location, Location, Location

When you have a partner who is in a different location do you make that extra effort to keep things healthy? How do you make it work? Did you have the preconceived notion that long-distance relationships can never work? If so, how long did that relationship last? Would you or have you ever relocated in order to be with a girlfriend? How did that work?

Location is very important, and if the relationship is serious then it could work at any point on the map at any time. It really just depends on the longevity and the relationship itself. Relocating is hard especially when it comes to relationships because you never know how it will dish out. You will have to leave your friends and family behind and start fresh in a brand new place. Sometimes the idea of that is better than the actual move. What happens if you and your girl break up after you move, do you stay or do you move back home? Moving isn’t cheap and can take a lot out of you, is that something you are willing to go through in order to please your mate?

I suggest that before you make the big move that you talk it over with your girl. Go over all of your options and make sure that this is something you want to do, can afford, and the back-up plan. Make sure you know what you are going to do if it doesn’t work, it would be a major set-back if you did all this for someone and then it ended a few weeks in. Just remember you have a choice and a long-distance relationship could be a test and prove to you and your girl that being together is something that you really want to do. If you can last a few months having a phone relationship and stay faithful and in love with your girl then maybe moving is the next step.

Keep your options open, and always have a back-up plan, no matter what!

Mz. Pink

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