Keeping it real

My girl is always saying, “let’s keep it 100%,” which means that we just need to be honest. We say this about everything, from a show we like on T.V. to things that happened in the past that has effected us. It works in every way, but it’s just the point of staying honest no matter what.

How do you stay honest with your partner? Do you find that it is hard to tell the truth about certain things? What would make you lie? How do you justify not staying honest with the people you love in your life?

Things happen and people are able to lie about anything and everything, but how do you try to break the mold? How do you stay honest even if it hurts the person you’re with? My best advice is to just keep it honest and open, if you can’t be honest with your girlfriend then you shouldn’t be with her. Lying is a bad habit to get in to and should be avoided at all cost. I mean let’s just keep it real!

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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