Text Your Ass Off.

How much is too much texting? When do you draw the line for yourself and your girl when it comes to phone usage? Do you get mad when your girl sits and texts back and forth when she is supposed to be spending time with you? What if it’s not quality time, do you get pissed if she is texting? Do you question who she is texting? Are there cut-off times to your phone usage as a couple?

Phones can be a major cause of problems in relationships, but if you have rules for both yourself and your girl, then using your phone and having a great relationships can work. Here are some ideas you can use to have everything you want when it comes to your phone and your girl, in your life. I find that some of these things work and some don’t but I still try them anyway. My girl is a huge texter, and  I have been known to be bothered by it on occasion (of course).

  1. Deal with it.
  2. Ask your girl (or you) turn your phone off at a certain time.
  3. Talk to your partner about what bothers you about it.
  4. Hide her phone 🙂
  5. Have set times that you will text and set times when its quality time.

That’s all I got! I wish I had more, and what I can say is that you just need to kind of deal with it. She is there with you, and just make sure that phones are turned off at certain times for both parties.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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