An Educated Lesbian is Nothing to Waste

These days education is key to success. I am a big believer in education and what it can do for you as a career woman. Of course, you need to continue education daily, whether it be reading or writing or just learning something new, you have to keep it up after schooling. There are also, things that need to be paired with education in order to make you a success. For example, persistence, knowledge of what you want, and the “balls” to go get what you want. I believe courage is very important in all endeavors in life.

Having a great support system will also help in success, it is not entirely necessary but it does have an effect of how you go after that dream job or if you decide to go back to school. With the need for education growing, there are more jobs that call for more education and less that will discriminate against you as a lesbian. I’m not saying that all jobs are discrimination free, but they should be since that is against the law anyway. What I am saying is that with education and determination, you can get what you want in the form of salary or at least working where you want.

If you’re still not sold on education, you can still check out what is available to you in the form of on-line classes (which are harder than you think), scholarships for GLBT students, and financial aid. Also, do your research as far as you can in furthering your education. It is never too late, and it is never too much to get where you want to go.

Mz. Pink

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