The Gift that keeps on Giving

When it comes to getting that special woman in your life a gift, what is the ideal gift? How do you decide what is the best gift and the best time to give it to her? Do you give gifts that resemble past gifts? Or do you have a fall back like flowers or candy? And do you need a special occasion to give it or is any day a special day with your girl?

What about you, do you like to receive gifts? If you get gifts what are your favorites? How do you feel when you get them? What makes them something you will use or enjoy having? Do you think about the money that was spent on you or do you just enjoy getting something special?

Gifts are difficult to pick out sometimes unless you just go with your own gut instincts and get what you think is going to be special for your partner. On one hand, most women just enjoy gifts and being thought of, while others could be picky and snotty about it and express their disappointment of just getting anything or little things that mean something to you. They may want shinier, bigger, more expensive gifts while you just spent days writing her a poem. Have you ever encounter anything like that with someone you were with?

Here is a list of free (or super cost-effective) gifts you can give to your girl and keep things special (and saucy):

  1. Poems
  2. Love Letters
  3. Pictures/Photo Album of the two of you
  4. Picnic
  5. Trip to the park
  6. Movie night
  7. Make dinner and serve it
  8. Cleaning the house
  9. Sing to her
  10. Bathe her
  11. Homemade coupon books
  12. A love scavenger hunt to find a special gift
  13. Massage
  14. Taking a walk
  15. Wash her hair
  16. Pick your favorite love poems and read them to her
  17. Take spicy pictures of each other
  18. Make a CD full of both your favorite songs and listen to it together
  19. Make her something, origami flowers etc.
  20. Spice nights, to get things heated and incorporate all your sexy fantasies

If you have any ideas you would like to add to the list leave a comment and share your experiences on what has worked or hasn’t worked for you in the realm of gift giving.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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