Keep your EX out of our bedroom.

Recently, I came across a couple who had a predicament where one of the girls took her girlfriend to stay the night with her ex. On so many levels that is wrong. Not just because it is disrespectful but because exes are exes for a reason, and by no means should you ever take a current girlfriend around an ex. I don’t care how cool you are your ex are, it just doesn’t make sense. Even if your ex is your best friend and you just think your current girlfriend will get along with them so well that it will be one happy friendship triangle. It won’t work, even if it seems cool at the moment, it will bite you in the ass somewhere along the line.

The couple that I spoke of have been dating for a few months, and to top that, the one girl and her ex had only been broken up for six months. From what I know, she was pretty hung up on this girl for a while which makes everything more awkward. They were together for a couple of years and broken up for six months and now she is pushing her girlfriend to be friends with her ex. YIKES! No good.

Not only does this predicament show that you are still hung up on your ex, but it shows your current girlfriend that you don’t respect yours and hers relationship or growth of a relationship. How would you react if your girlfriend wanted to be friends with her ex and incorporate her with what you guys are doing? This type of scenario brings on jealousy, trust issues, and could ultimately break the two of you up. If you are thinking that at least the one girl isn’t sneaking around and being honest with her current girlfriend, well you’re crazy, because not only will she eventually feel that she is entitled to hang out with her on her own but she will bring up that you didn’t have a problem with it before. It is a lose/lose situation.

Just keep exes in the past, if you are set that they are important to you and that a friendship is possible, then you should give it another shot with them because it will only cause issues in any relationship you try to have.  If this doesn’t change your mind, think of how you would feel if your girlfriend brought her ex around. Not a good thought huh?!

Mz. Pink

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