Those pants look really good, but they would look better on my floor!

Let’s face it, picking up chicks can be difficult, especially if you are looking for more than a one-night stand, or maybe even if that is all you’re looking for, but what do we do when we see a hot girl and want to get her number or just hang out with her? What do you do? Send stares across the room and smile, go up and talk to her, drop a line, give her your number? The possibilities are endless, so what works and how do you execute correctly to ensure that you will get the booty, new friendship, relationships, or whatever you want?

So many things can happen during a pick-up session, the girl could have a girlfriend, be straight, not interested, foreign, an addict, psycho, clinging, or she could be perfect for you. But getting to that point where you know what personality type the girl is could be a long one, but for the most part you know right away if this is somebody you want to pursue and find out if they do weird things in their sleep, or if they have a body odor. Remember the pick-up is only the first step, but know what you want to do before you approach her. Know if you just want a one-night stand, if you’re mingling because you want a girlfriend. This will make a difference in how you approach the girl of your dreams. In my opinion, throwing a cheesy pick-up line could be the maker or the breaker, it will show your personality and wit, or it could backfire and show how corny you are, but either way if the girl has substance she will appreciate it.

Be personable, try not to focus too much on it being a pick-up, just talk, be yourself (or a hyped up version of yourself, if only for club or bar purposes), have fun and know that even if you don’t bag the babe you will have another chance some other night and at least you had good conversation during your visit and learned somebody else’s insights about the snack peanuts on the bar.

You will never know unless you try, so that is always something to consider. However, only going out to pick up somebody is usually a situation that will disappoint you over and over again. Go out to have fun, and remember that clubs and bars are not the only place to find love. I would steer you in a different direction than bars because usually the girls you pick up there have been picked up there before and you want somebody that is for you, not a trashy girl. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t always the case but it can be.

Share your pick-up techniques, and share the wealth. What worked and what didn’t? Where did you find the most luck in your picking up? A bar, a grocery store, a library? What was the outcome? How would you approach things differently next time?

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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