I ain’t no pole.

I enjoy a strip joint and a stripper just like the next lesbian, I also have a deep respect for the strippers who are really working their way through college or supporting their family. But Ladies, I am finding it hard to grasp that the common folk (such as us) can go into a strip club and throw a couple of dollars at a stripper, get a little dance or whatever, and possibly walk away thinking that you could begin a successful relationship with that dancer.
It won’t work, and I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer here ladies, but open your eyes and try to see through the glitter and pasties, the girls who work at the strip joint are more into money and playing the tease for the night than they are to start a relationship. Even if you get some, most likely they are just experimenting or doing it to turn other guys on, and we are in a predicament where the chick doesn’t even like you. Strippers are more into money, and even if you are okay with your girl being a stripper, later on down the line you won’t be, who wants to watch their girl give a lap dance to a guy or another girl? Well maybe you do the latter but that would be something to discuss privately with your partner.
Take head ladies, strip clubs and strippers are a fun night out, but they are just a fantasy, let them make their money, change-up their life and then maybe girlfriend material. But as always I want to hear your thoughts, have you ever dated a stripper? How did it work out? Are you a stripper? What is your story? If you are a stripper how did it work out in a relationship on your end?
Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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