I believe you, not really.

White lies, fibs, tall tales, stories, or whatever you call it, they are lies and they effect relationships more than one person realizes. I believe that trust is a foundation of a healthy relationship and one of the most important to accomplish and sustain. Although one of the hardest building blocks to keep in tact, it is one that should always be worked on, more so if you care about your partner. You wouldn’t want to be lied to so always keep that in mind, no matter how small, lies usually turn into something bigger and bigger until it explodes and becomes the end of a loving relationship.

Have you ever lied to your partner? Why? What was the motive behind it? Even if it was uncomfortable for you to talk about, what was the extent of truth-telling you have experienced in your current or past relationships? Do you believe that truth is easy to maintain in a relationship? Why or why not? Do you know the difference between truth and lies?

In most cases, when caught in a lie, the other person will find it hard to trust the liar again and then the relationship is crap. Even if you feel justified for lying it is wrong, because it is also safest to tell the truth, so nothing bites you in the butt later in the relationship. So, stay safe and keep building that foundation that will give you a sense of satisfaction with you and your girl.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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