Hollywood’s golden age of lesbian ‘glam’ (Article)

By: Atlanta Lesbian Relationship ExaminerLeslie Davis

Homosexual men get all the credit for being fabulous, campy and gay, whereas the mythos of lesbians seems to involve a bad hair day and comfortable shoes.  Evidently the stereotype is that gay men should decorate the house and make it pretty while gay women move the furniture.

Whereas my hair does have Medusa tendencies and I do have a fondness for shoes that don’t crimp, there are numerous OTHER lesbians imbued with an excess of creativity and a flair for fashion. 

Back in the days when a woman’s place was in the home and a queer’s place was in the closet, lesbians and bisexuals in Hollywood were covertly establishing the precedent for the feminine mystique, while carving their own niche of ‘camp,’ decadence and flamboyance.

To read more of this article check out Leslie’s Article Here.

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