BoyGirls or GirlyBoys?

Drag King Ken by Margaret Dowell

What type of person are you attracted to? Do you consider yourself a femme or a stud? Do you believe in descriptions like these to classify who you are and what you want in a relationship? What do you think being a stud or a femme encompasses? If you are a hardcore femme does that mean you only want a certain type of girl or only dress and act a certain way? If you are a stud do you have secret tendencies and wants of being a man?

Can you really be a hardcore stud and have feminine qualities? Do you want to if you are a stud? If you are a femme does that mean you’re a girly-girl who just wants to brush your hair and wear makeup? When it comes to sex, is it all stereotypical? For example, studs only want to be in charge and femmes only want to take it? What are your views on these descriptions of lesbians?

Mz. Pink

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All opinions and questions welcome!

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