Have you ever been in a situation where your partner only wanted to use sex toys as a form of sexual pleasure? What did you do? Would you talk to her and ask her if she has a secret desire (or an open desire) to be with a man instead? What happened? On that note, did she only want to be penetrated with some sort of fallicy? Is this acceptable for every time you and your partner decide to make love? Or should this be for those “special nights?”

In my experiences, most women do enjoy being penetrated, but if they are with a woman then they are with a woman, unless they recently left a boyfriend or husband. In this case, these women could be confused or just want something to compensate for the man that they lost in their lives.

I will always advise this: talk to your partner. Only the two of you can figure it out. If you talk to her and she still says that she only wants you, then suggest special nights of using toys, or you can suggest other forms of penetration that the two of you can experiment with together without toys. Only you know how you feel, and if you still have doubts after communicating and suggesting other forms of pleasure and she still only wants toys, then you need to reevaluate the relationship.

Mz. Pink


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