U-Hauling, is it real or fake?

Most of us have heard the expression that a lesbian’s first date is moving in together.

We have coined this term as U-Hauling, and as pathetic as it sounds this stereotype is considered to some, true! I have made the mistake of moving in with a girlfriend too soon, and things did not go well. Of course, those regrets always set in after about a month or two of living with this person who you hardly dated, and finding them annoying made things more difficult. But can it work if you decide to U-Haul? What is the shortest amount of time you have used dating before deciding to move in? What was the outcome? Will you ever do it again? 

Mz. Pink


  1. Dear Ms. Pink,

    I have the 1-year rule. It has been my experience, that everyone can hold it together for about a year – and what I mean is “behave appropriately” for a year. Then after the year, any surprises one my have about their GF will start to surface rapidly, if they haven’t already! I think sisters should definitely wait for a year to move in together – because you’ll either be avoiding a disastrous (financial and emotional) situation, or you’ll be very happy going forward in a compatible situation. A one-year waiting period is a win-win situation if you ask me!

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  3. Hi,
    I lived with both of my husbands before we married and found that there was pros and cons to the prenup festivities. I do think that making sure you are happy with yourself is the first thing that needs to happen before considering a long-term committment with anyone.

    I once told this guy that I loved him after only about a week…what an ass. I think he really freaked as I would if someone did that to me…although, I am pretty freakin cool
    ! =)
    Glad I stopped by your blog! Welcome to blogging women!

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