What did you say to me?

Do you believe that verbal abuse leads to physical abuse? Do you just put up with verbal abuse because you think it is easier? January’s edition of The Word, features a woman who deals with verbal abuse even though it is unnecessary and hurtful. Most lesbians believe that since they are with another woman that they can’t get abuse, but that is not true. Women can and will abuse other women, especially when they feel that they are the more dominant one.

Domestic violence does exist in gay and lesbian couples and shelters, counselors and help-lines understand this. Believe me, I have been there and I know what the thought process is of being judged but it doesn’t happen. And since those times in my life, I have written articles and have had interviews with professionals about how to deal with domestic violence between two women. It is simple, throw your thought process out the window and get help. Deciding you need it and then asking for it is half the battle. Nobody deserves to get treated badly even if you act like a bitch or whatever. Getting hit by a loved one is not okay EVER.

Don’t forget to check out January’s issue for the scoop.

Mz. Pink

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