Are gifts necessary?

How long have you been with your partner? If it has only been for a few weeks are gifts necessary for the holidays? If they are what types of gifts would you buy for your girlfriend? I am just thinking of a timeline of what is appropriate for gifts. For example, if you and your girlfriend have been dating for a couple weeks or months you wouldn’t necessarily want to gift her a diamond ring. I am throwing all lesbian cliches out the window here, because most of us to move quickly, but let’s say for the sake of this post that you wouldn’t give your partner of a month a huge diamond ring. What would you give her?

What are other ideas for a lesbian on a budget? Do you go all out for your lover on Christmas? What is the most extravagant gift you’ve ever received? Are you still with that person? If a person gave you something awesome would that make you stay with her, even if it was just for a couple extra weeks? Would you stay with your girlfriend through the holidays even if you wanted to break up just because you would be getting gifts?

What is the most extravagant gift you’ve ever bought for somebody? Do you think buying gifts is important in a relationship? Do you believe that you can live off love?

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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