A jewel for the lesbian community.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am still feasting on leftovers. Now we are closer to Christmas and I have a little gift for you. Usually when I search anything that has to do with lesbians, porn always pops up. I got lucky this time and came across a site call LesbianLush.com and it is really awesome. The site was created by lesbians for lesbians and the topics range anywhere from sex to fashion. The site seems really cool if you just want to swing by and contribute to a discussion or find out what’s going on with other lesbians.

Here is a little more about LesbianLush.com:

LesbianLush.com is an interactive, multimedia, one stop resource designed to inform and entertain members of the lesbian community through many different perspectives. The purpose of LesbianLush.com is to provide current, relevant information on topics interesting to lesbians. Categories include fashion, travel, dating, sex and a social section which includes an interactive calendar. The site is unique because it encompasses many different lesbian topics all in one easy to use site.

I will be contributing often, so check out the site and what I am doing….

Mz. Pink


All opinions and questions welcome!

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