GLBT symbols.

The start of the Hitler Regime brought on many degrading and horrific events that would be little people just for any reason, specifically to terrorize someone. They were typically branded with patches or some other symbolizing that would distinguish one kind of person from another (i.e. Jew, prisoner, prostitute, gay and lesbian). What each symbol represented was that persons’ differences within the WWII time frame and ultimately these people were beaten, imprisoned, sent to concentration camps and killed.

So, why am I telling you this? Because the pink and black triangles are a very important part of the GLBT history. The pink triangle today, is a sign of pride but it wasn’t always so. Between 1937 and 1935 more than 25,000 people were victims of brutality due to their political standing or their sexuality. These people were sent to prison or concentration camps (or both) and were sterilized due to what was natural to them; an attraction to the same sex.

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