Roles in Society.

Most people know that there are roles with lesbians (as well as with any person) but what exactly is a butch or a femme and who is classified as one or the other? I know that some would consider me a femme, solely on my appearance but can you really judge which is which by appearance only? You might be surprised to know that although I have a girly appearance I like to dominate. Not always but I do. So what does that make me? If you’re a butch and you like to get dominated sometimes does that make you any less butch? Do you base your sexual likes on what your role is? For example, if you classify yourself as butch does that mean that you are always the giver and can’t possibly like to receive?

A butch is classified as a more masculine woman, in dress, actions etc. and a femme is a more feminine type of woman. These descriptions go back to the 40’s, but how and why are women stereotyped like this. If you’re a butch would you be pissed if someone called you a girly girl? Would you not tell anyone if you were scared of a spider just because of your stereotyped role?

I have known many butches or studs and they were all out (almost) manly and they didn’t care. They answered when people called them sir and they dressed in boys clothes, everything said that this person was a boy except the personal parts. Does this classify that woman as transgendered?

Give me your thoughts!

Mz. Pink


  1. “Would you not tell anyone if you were scared of a spider just because of your stereotyped role?”

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog today. I just wanted to comment on the above quote, it reminded me of when my ex, a tall butch (and police officer I might add), had gone into the garage for something and I heard hir screaming. Running in there, I fought the cobwebs that had attacked her and stood there all menancing and protector-like.

    She was never embarrassed and as I recall, loved to tell the story of hir screaming like a girl from “the attack of the killer cobwebs.”

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