Jail-House Rock.

No that is not my best Elvis impersonation but a serious concern to some women out there. Or at least it is if their partner ends up in the big house. What do you do? How do you handle that situation if it ever arises? Believe me ladies, it is not so far fetched to believe that one day your woman could get pulled over and hauled off to jail. And most jail systems have a hurry-up-and-wait attitude.

Right now I want you to stop what you’re doing and think for a second. What would you do if your girlfriend/partner was arrested? How would you handle it? It is not an easy situation to be in and I am sure that most of us have never thought about being without our better half. Not only that but what if you had to deal with a long-term sentence? Years? How would you deal with it?

Stay tuned for more, the mail has been pouring in and some questions deal with this very topic. Find out what I think you should do if you’re ever in that situation.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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