What is a Lesbian?

When most people think of a woman being a lesbian they usually think a couple of different things. 1.) The woman is manly, a truck driver, butch etc. 2.) That woman is only doing that for attention. 3.) Wow, that is hot. Some even say that real lesbians can’t be pretty or normal. I say WHATEVER! We can be all the above or none of the above.

Basically, a lesbian is a woman who is sexually attracted, open to love, and genuinely attracted to another woman (for relationship and sexual encounters). Whether they feel this way because they decide that they like women better than men or because they were born that way is neither here nor there. The fact it that lesbians do not make switches from women back to men, if that is the case they are bisexual. If a woman is with a woman and stays with women then they are lesbians. Does this all make sense?

So, women who do the deed with women for attention, they are not lesbians they are fakers. They do it to turn guys on. A lesbian doesn’t necessarily hate men but they are not looking to turn anyone on but another woman.

I hope this clears a few assumptions up.

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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